• cannot make NAT-PT work

    Hi, Everyone.   Can I ask for your assistance, I am trying to follow tutorials configuring NAT-PT for my CCNA R & S exam. I am using this link: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/network-address-t...
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  • CCNA R&S Book's

    Hello CISCO member   i have little confusion about CCNA books. the original cisco press books have different ISBN numbers compare to Pearson INDIA books. which books i have to study. are Pearson INDIA and CI...
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  • Access Control Lists

    Your internal desktop network is in the range.  Keep the Cisco wildcard method of network notation in mind as you answer. Just a spot check!!   Create a Cisco Access Control List entries to al...
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  • BGP routing

    Hello all,   I have the following BGP routing topology. R2 and R3 are BGP neighbors. I run OSPF on the left side. And I run EIGRP on the right side.   The problem: R1 cannot ping loopback And R4 ...
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  • CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Network Simulator by Wendell Odom under Wine

    As part of my CCNA studies I am going to buy Wendell Odom's CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Network Simulator. It is built either for Windows or Mac. I ditched Win long time ago and use Arch(Linux). Has anyone succ...
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  • MQC QoS

    Hi, I'm looking at a QoS policy using MQC in a lab that has match-any statements for IP PREC headers 1 to 5, example class-map match-any VOICE match ip precedence 5 ! There does not appear to be any statement fo...
    Mike Gannon
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  • Warranty check

    Dear All,   i wanted to check 2911 router warranty either its in advanced or standard warranty.  Also need to check its services.
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  • ICND1 mind maps.zip

    Hi All,     I am just finishing getting ready for my ICND1 and thought I share my mind maps.   They are not perfect and of course reflect my approach to it all, but I'd like to think should be helpful...
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  • Cisco switch not showing CPU/fan/temp sensors in SNMP

    Hi,   I am trying to configure PRTG to monitor some of my SG300 series managed switches but I am only able to discover ping, https etc sensors. I want ot monitor CPU utilization, temperature, fan status etc with...
    Night Fury
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  • RIP Route poisoning

    Hello all,   The ICND1 OCG has the following diagram and text. At its step 4, it says: "Depending on conditions not discussed here, R1 either removes the route from its routing table or marks the route as unusab...
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  • Is Split Horizon a DV feature only?

    Hello all,   From ICND1, Chapter 19 Learning IPv4 Routes with RIPv2, page 441, it says: " Split horizon is a DV feature that tells a router to omit some routes from an update sent out an interface. Which route...
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  • Wrong CCNA?

    I changed careers to IT and I've done desktop support for almost 3 years. I became interested in Cisco certification about a year ago. I recently bought Cisco Press Official Certification Guide for CCENT and CCNA - Ro...
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  • find out nr of subnets?

    How many subnets and how many hosts per subnets can you create from ? MY WORKOUT subnet mask .224 means 5 bits for hosts, the remaining ones for subnet portion. nr. subnets = 2^(27-24)...
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  • Cisco Learning Labs or PearsonIT Network Simulator

    Hi All,   I am now getting ready to book my exam and hopefully pass it the first time. I work with Cisco LANs on daily basis at work, and have physical lab at home, but I am really excited about having a set of ...
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  • Acclaim Badge not showing

    Can anyone assist with the Acclaim Badge showing up on https://www.youracclaim.com/? I went to View Profile>More>Reputation>My Certifications and dragged the badge in the dotted 'Drag Here' circle.
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  • Key-string 7

    Hello all,   How do I get key-string 7 text correct?   Thanks.   R1(config)#key chain CCNA-KEYCHAIN   R1(config-keychain)#key 1 R1(config-keychain-key)#? Key-chain key configuration commands:...
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  • Ripv2 auto-summary at the discontiguous network border only?

    Hello all,   I always thought with auto-summary, routers with RIPv2 running would pass on classful network information only. But it's not true. Inside the contiguous network, the "debug ip rip" output clearly sh...
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  • RIPv2 using UDP broadcast?

    Hello all,   https://youtu.be/pRSzr93sCss   In this CBTNuggets video, Anthony says RipV2 uses UDP broadcast. We all know and many material states RIPv2 sends its packets to multicast address &n...
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    Hi Cisco Academy PC1 want to communicate to PC2 what process should run 1st? 3 way hand shake? then DNS (IF HAVE ONE)? then ARP? how communications started ???
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    Hi when a switch become layer 3 capable so can a router process layer 2 information? if yes then why and in what scenarios?  
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