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    Cisco switch not showing CPU/fan/temp sensors in SNMP

    Night Fury



      I am trying to configure PRTG to monitor some of my SG300 series managed switches but I am only able to discover ping, https etc sensors. I want ot monitor CPU utilization, temperature, fan status etc with SNMP. I read quite a few forums/blogs and got to know about MIBs and OIDs. can you please help me with below:


      1) how to check which MIB exist in my switch and related OIDs?

      2) can I import/install more MIBs to my switch so that I can discover required sensors via the monitoring tool?


      I simply want to monitor additional parameters like i mentioned above, if my questions are not in line with what I want to achieve, please guide me to the right path.


      any help would be much appreciated.

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