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    are Cisco 2500 routers console port able to go above 9600?


      Hi all,


      I just bought a AS2511-RJ and was trying to increase console baud rate but looks like it won't go above the default 9600. First I tried to do it directly from IOS but looks like It doesn't like that, it just throws an error message: Failed to change line 0's speed.... then I tried to do it through ROMmon and was successful to some extend but no matter what I do it just won't go above 9600 even if I set config register to 0x3922... in fact, using 0x3922 will set console speed to something lower like 2400.

      according to info available on the web bits 5, 11 and 12 of the config register will control the console speed, but after trying various values it looks like it won't go above 9600.

      Pls note I've tried this not only in my AS2511-RJ but also another 2514 I have and result are same... both routers have system bootstrap version 11 but 2511-RJ have newer IOS 12.3


      Not sure if I'm doing something wrong? I use both, o/r command in rommon and configure-register in IOS to set the value but both gives same behavior.

      also, this is off-topic but it strikes me that SSH is not supported by 2500 platform... how did you guys keep secured the management of this router back then in the old times?

      best regards