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    About BGP and Static


      Hello all,


      I dont know its a right place to ask, and im still learning ccna right now

      currently i have access to a router with this configuration of route


      router bgp 65060

      no synchronization

      bgp log-neighbor-changes

      network mask

      network mask

      network mask

      network mask

      neighbor remote-as XXX

      neighbor description To Carrier1

      neighbor remote-as xxxx

      neighbor description To Carrier2

      ip route Null0

      ip route GigabitEthernet0/0


      here for the topology,

      for FW configure as static route as



      the question is why router does not need "redistribute static" while the other site can reach ip segment

      router show it as static, and the other site as BGP to this segment


      i`m sorry if its dumb question, but i really confused somehow

      but i appreciate if you could answer with about this redistribute with route dynamic

      because as i know if there is another route in route want to be know you must redistribute it


      thank you very much