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    Cisco CCP issues


      Hello everybody,


      Jeff here from Vermont,


      I'm sure this is old news that's been hashed.

      I find myself needing CCP for CCNA security and I cannot gt it to run properly. As I've red on this board JAVA is the issue. I add IP, HTTP to the exception list only to have the JAVA block pop up when I go to ..say FIREWALL.


      I've tried several JAVA version etc.

      so, what's the best read on how to fix this issue.


      I have window XP on an old machine is that the fix?


      I'm currently running Win 10 and NO JAVA this time.



      So my ???:

      Best JAVA to CCP version if you have the time what's the file name on the JAVA web download page, as there are many.


      Thank you