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    What should I expect?


      I started studying for my CCENT this year after my N+, left Purdue CS program because I fell out of love with programming and want to deal more with both code and hardware and so have planned out a study track I hope will prove positive for my career. My track is this: CCENT/CCNA R&S, Linux+, Data Center CCNA, Security CCNA, Cyber Ops CCNA. I was also thinking of testing out in C++ and Python just to have those certs on my resume (just to get it out of the way that I do in fact know those languages). I'm thinking of getting my CCNP in Data Center and also maybe a CEH cert afterwards. But, my question is with 2-3 years of hands on experience in networking and with these certs, should I expect a good job or is there more I should do? My goal is to work either security or data center, but I'm really wanting my investment in study to pay off in a really good job and to hold a successful career.