HVAC Installation & Tenant Improvement


Since 1998, Adams Mechanical Contracting (AMC) HVAC has been installing a wide variety of commercial, industrial & residential HVAC systems in and around all areas of Southern California.

Whether you’re looking to cut energy costs, install new equipment, maintain an existing system or completely upgrading your infrastructure, AMC HVAC can provide exactly the expertise you need.

Tenant Improvements

AMC offers complete HVAC tenant improvement for Commercial / Industrial buildings. We work closely with General Contractors and architects to implement the HVAC system that addresses the exact needs and concerns of each customer.

AMC Capabilities


•Air Handlers
•Ducting and Ventilation
•Variable Speed Drives - VFD
•Fans, Pumps and Motors
•Chemical Water Treatment
•Design/Build/Retrofit HVAC Systems
•Chiller/Boiler Systems
•Cooling Towers

Refrigeration Service or Installation
•Walk-In Coolers.
•Walk-In Freezers.
•Ice Machines.
•Reach In Beer Coolers.
•Sandwich Coolers…and More!

Controls and Building Automation
•BACnet - BACnet is based system

FACT: BACnet has become the definitive, worldwide standard for building system communications.

As an “open standard,” BACnet enables facility professionals to future-proof their buildings by installing a system that allows for multiple product providers or multiple service providers.

In addition, the standard itself adapts to emerging initiatives to ensure that both present and future needs are met in terms of building system integration.

Finally, by becoming such a widely accepted choice and standard, you’ll never be caught on the wrong side of the technology wars.

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