Service & Repair


AMC HVAC is dedicated to providing your building the best Service & Repair that you can depend on;

AMC HVAC will always provide fast service solutions for all your building needs.

Our employees are here to serve your needs with over 30 years of service experience.

Our Promise:

•Faster response times.
•Repair work done right the first time or we make it right.
•Better energy conservation through our tailored Maintenance Programs.
•Service Repairs are monitored by our computerized record keeping.
•Our highly-trained professionals are always polite and helpful.

Our Customers can be assured that their Service Repairs are done correctly the first time, or AMC will make it right…


AMC provides services on commercial, industrial & residential HVAC systems:


•Forced air systems
•Central heating
•Heat pumps
•Humidity control
•Control systems
•Sheet metal and pipe fabrication

Air Conditioning

•Cooling towers
•Circulating pumps
•Evaporative coolers
•Evaporative condensers
•Chillers (air-cooled/water-cooled)
•Built-up DX Systems
•Rooftop units (any size)
•Box car units (any size)
•Evaporator coil
•Condenser coil
•Sheet metal and pipe fabrication
•Split AC systems (ductless mini systems)
•Computer Room Units
•Air Compressors
•Pneumatic Systems
•DDC Control Systems
•Thermal storage tanks

Energy Management Systems

•Variable speed drives
•Energy control systems
•Climate control systems
•Building Automation Systems

Refrigeration Service or Installation

•Pipe fabrication
•Walk In Coolers
•Walk In Freezers
•Ice Machines
•Reach In Beer Coolers
•Sandwich Coolers
…and More!

Our Motto is “Always on Target”

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